IPELA Merger & Acquisition Services​

IPELA has qualified attorneys who deal with merger and acquisition matters. We provide advisory services, draft necessary documents and represent/assist clients before relevant government offices so as to effect merger and acquisition proceedings. Our attorneys handle each proceeding related to amalgamation, buyouts, share transfer, joint venture and consortium arrangements.

Merger & Acquisition Services

Ethiopia is regulating merger and acquisition by issuing Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Law that is envisaged to maintain the interest of market actors and consumers. Merger is said to be happened when two or more business organizations having independent existence amalgamated or when such business organizations pool the whole or part of their resources for the purpose carrying on a certain commercial activity.

In its broad sense, merger is also made to encompass acquisition of shares, securities or assets of a business organization or taking control of the management of the business of another person or group of persons either directly or indirectly through purchase or any other means.   

Any business person who proposes to enter into an agreement or arrangement of merger shall give notice to Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Authority by disclosing the details of the proposed merger. The Authority investigates the possible adverse effect of the proposed merger on trade competition and may invite, by notice published on a newspaper having wide circulation, any business person who is likely to be affected by the said merger, to submit its written objections, if any, within 15 days from the date of publication of such notice.

Request for merger will be approved by the Authority if it is not likely to have any significant adverse effect on trade competition.  No merger agreement shall be authenticated and registered by any government authority before getting approval from the Authority.

Any business person who proposes to enter into an agreement or arrangement of merger shall present documents like memorandum and articles of association, business license, and certificate of incorporation, agreement document, audit report and an application signed by the applicants.